ad Creating this to store the details of MathsMeetIE V2 and subsequent occasions! This was the "flier" created for the occasion!
The venue was the fabulous Shackleton Room in the UCD Innovation Centre - thanks to Susie and her team for allowing us to use it.
As venues go, it was nigh on perfect. Pamela O'Brien and Neil Butler had put a lot of thought and preparation into making sure that folk who gave up their Friday night would find it worthwhile - the reaction at the end of the evening would suggest this was the case.
We had two solid hours of very engaging stuff - props to all who volunteered to share:
Neil presented us with a table challenge - sort 'dominoes' into a loop so that the fractions or decimal values matched. Our table chose the easy challenge which was fiendish. Neil uses Excel to prepare his domino sets, and is willing to share - send him an email request.
He also walked us through an exercise he does to introduce students to maths - we each became a datum at his direction; great food for thought for teachers.
Paul gave us the location of not one, but two absolute gems.
An archive of past maths papers going back to 1925, and a mesmerising suite of JS functions to use with the laptop camera. AND very helpfully noted then for us with useful TinyUrls.
Eureka!! Richard worked us through an update (in Scratch; which in itself became a point of discussion, as many attendees do not use it [yet[)) that he is working on of an "oldie but goodie" from the National Archive of Educational Computing 'new software' page.
Mary Sheridan
Mary gave us a whirlwind tour of the problem solving ideas she uses to keep her maths students engaged with Maths. She also gave a big shout out to the Irish Maths Teachers Association!
Declan Cathcart
Lesson Study and how it worked in helping with the teaching of geometry was Declan's contribution, and it was as honest and reflective a presentation as we've had at any TeachMeet.
Mags Amond
The breakout session was actually that - we had a 'nano' in the form of BreakoutEDU. We formed pairs to solve a series of clues to open all 11 locks and release our prize. And we did it, and the prize was quickly scoffed!
Stephen Howell
Stephen gave us two Really Useful Ideas, in his unique and inimitable fashion:
1 He did a nano presentation on the lovely graceful equation graphing features of One Note (oohs & ahhs heard in audience!).
2 Stephen ran us through the set up of a BBC Micro:bit, using his 4Ds method - design, debug, develop, deploy. And as if that wasn't enough, he did a Friday night "One For Everyone In the Audience" by presenting a Micro:bit kit to each attendee. (oohs & ahhs become whoops & hollers!).
@teamacademic MS Ireland
Some folk repaired to the UCD student bar for TeachEat - the pizza was very welcome after the exertions of the evening. Rumour now has it that there may be a MathsMeetIE during next Maths Week, watch this space and don't miss it.
PS - Great bog post on the even posted by Stephen Howell here: