The growth of twitter amongst teachers has ran in parallel with the growth of Teachmeets and both have been very important in promoting each other.

Create a hashtag #TM….. e.g #tmcesi #tmsphe #tmeast and use it all in your advertisements. Remember to keep your hashtag short.

Many experienced Teachmeet attendees will live tweet the Teachmeet which help to get it to wider audience. It will also give you an additional way of creating more content as you can Storify the tweets from the hashtag and share it later to the attendees. Using twitter will also help people new to twitter to find new people to follow. You could also call out a “meet who you follow” as “I follow you on twitter” is great ice breaker.

Having a second screen displaying the Teachmeet tweets, introduces teachers to the power of twitter as well as creating an opportunity to broaden your reach and level of engagement.