2016 MakerMeet
This year's meet is being hosted by Pam O'Brien, Hassan Dabbagh and Mags Amond.
Right now, we are cooking up the evening, check back for details of registration and program structure.
See blog post report here for a flavour of how the evening went!IMG_20160422_195821.jpg

Friday April 24th 2015: This year with the conference theme set as Make Bake 'n Take, how can we not have a MakerMeet. Mags Amond and Bianca Ní Ghrógáin are cooking up some Maker challenges for attendees. Sharpen your creative (and, perhaps competivive?) saws. We'll also have the Three Steve Showdown, with Steve Bunce (Conference Keynote), Steven Holmes & Stephen Howell as our breakout Soap Boxers. MakeBakeTake.jpg
All MakerMeet idea challenges are here
Epilogue - what a truly memorable evening this first MakerMeet turned out to be.
Rube Goldberg would have been proud of us, and the 20 page Tower challenge produced some skullduggery.
See Blog post report here.


TeachMeet CESI at ICTEDU 2014 in LIT Thurles guidelines

Register to attend TeachMeet CESI at ICTEDU here

For Presenters

  1. Presentations can be Nano (two mins in length) Mini (5-7 mins in length) or Soapbox (which is typically held during the 15 mins coffee break)
  2. Be prepared and watch the time, there will be a time keeper there to remind you though
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Please avoid PowerPoint / Prezi. Presentations work best when the presenter is showing the tool/software/IT at work and demoing it and presenting without reading from a powerpoint or notes.
  • Ppt/Prezi that are essentially slideshows of images - we're aiming that nobody is killing us with Powerpoint bullet points
  • 20 slides for 20 seconds each (pecha kucha style - pecha kucha article)

  1. No sales pitches
  2. Please don't bring laptops or USBs to use as there isn't time to swap over, please email any materials to the email provided.
  3. Presenters who’ve signed up to present will be chosen at random (please note not all presenters may be chosen on the night)
  4. Presentation materials including website links, photos etc to be sent to presentations@cesi.ie no later then 24 hours before the event
For Attendees
  1. Be social, tweet, blog, get on Facebook and share what you learn
  2. Try something new!
  3. Network and meet new friends and colleagues

For those wishing to present at TeachMeet CESI at ICTEDU in LIT Thurles 9th May 2014 in LIT Thurles please fill in the table below. We will be asking you to send on all presentations/links/images etc to: presentations@cesi.ie no later then 24 hours before the event





Julia Sweeney
Using Edcite
5 mins
Julia Skinner
5SC with Audioboo
John Heffernan
Finding Aaron Swartz....
Youth Media Team
Sharing thoughts on YMT
7 mins
Mary Loftus

7 mins
Stephen Howell

7 mins
Cormac Cahill

7 mins
Hassan Dabbagh

7 mins
Bianca Ní Ghrógáin
Conor Galvin
Virtual communities and other unicorns
Donna Callan

Using Very Clever Phones in English Class
7 mins
Bianca Ní Ghrógáin
Leanne Lynch