Attendees don’t expect a luxurious spread, but as we all know, a full stomach makes for happy teacher with food and drink you have a number of options.

You may have to be flexible on when you have food available depending on location and your audience. (e.g when people arrive or during the Teachmeet or at the end of the Teachmeet)

One Teachmeet charged entry with cake, scones or biscuits. This could be a great idea for a small intimate Teachmeet.

CESI charged €10 to cover the cost of finger food & tea and coffee.

Teachmeet BETT would organise a Teacheat separate to the Teachmeet. People would have to sign up and pay separately. In earlier years, the TMBETT Teacheat would be held in a local pizzeria, where part sponsorship added with the pizzeria 2 for 1 promotion meant that the whole Teacheat was free to attendees.

TMSLF organise a sit-down Teacheat where it would be part sponsored and part paid for attendees.

Different locations for your Teachmeet will offer different options for food so it need to one of the things you need to check out when deciding a venue.

A lot of Teachmeets are organised in a pub or a hotel which can help to solve the food issue and a few drinks to relax helps the atmosphere.