There is a default Teachmeet logo on the UK wiki and there is an Irish version on this wiki here.

If you are organising a Teachmeet aimed at an audience that it is new to the concept, you will have to advertise it well and use word of mouth to ensure success. As people attend and get the Teachmeet buzz, it is far easier for proceeding Teachmeets. Don’t be too desolate if you don’t get a large crowd. The first Teachmeet was so small it was able to sit around two tables in an Edinburgh pub.

Remember to set up Registration page prior to creating your poster and use link on advertising.

Avenues to advertise

  • Eventbrite or other registration engine is searchable by geographical area and subject

• Twitter #edchatie

• Email lists – especially useful for subject associations or ETBs. CESI list if your Teachmeet ed tech related

• Facebook page of relevant Subject Association

• Education Centre monthly newsletters- organising for a geographical area

• Posters in school staffroom – if school or ETB based event

• Flyers for staffroom pigeon holes – if school or ETB based event